The Hollywood hideaway

Our Hotel, Your Escape

One of the first hotels built in South Palm Springs, Villa Royale got its start in 1947, frequented by Hollywood celebrities and industry folk seeking respite and relaxation from the hustle of Los Angeles. The 38 distinctly cool and comfortable villas of the hotel today each display an individual, bold and mid-century modern style, but also a certain glamour that hearkens back to those unforgettable golden days of film.

BUILT IN 1947,

Villa Royale emerged in Palm Springs during a period of post-World War II development in the Coachella Valley. Adding a small cache of guestrooms to the south end of Palm Springs alongside the Deep Well Guest Ranch and Smoke Tree Ranch, Villa Royale was heralded as one of the earliest small hotels in the region. 


Owned and managed by a woman by the name of Evelyn Pell, family lore has it that the California ranch-style hotel took its name from the first initials of Evelyn’s children — Valorie and Richard. As post-war development brought about a tourism boom, screenwriters, actors, actresses and industry stars descended upon the oasis of Palm Desert, as it met the “Two-Hour Rule” imposed by Hollywood studios — stipulating that actors and actresses under contract could venture no farther than two hours from set. 

Celebrity hideaway

Villa Royale joined the host of hotels frequented by these Hollywood celebrities, and was especially enjoyed by the likes of Mickey Rooney and prominent screenwriter Irving Shulman, the man credited with writing “Rebel Without a Cause.” Villa Royale’s spirited heritage carries on today in the bold colors and artistic design of the 38-villa hideaway that calls to today’s class of creative spirits.

And Today

Guests can enjoy not only the privacy of their own stylish villa hung with original commissioned art pieces, but the use of three pools, all with sweeping mountain views, and the option of private cabanas where available. Scroll on for more of our premium amenities from this adults-only paradise.

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