Oh Snap! These 13 Boutique Hotels in Palm Springs Are Totally Instagram-Worthy

Plan a Stay at One of These Charming Boutique Hotels

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Beyond the spectacular pools and palm trees that dot the desert, there’s a copious collection of scenic marvels on the grounds of smaller hotels that are big on luxury and picturesque moments. Whether you’re an architectural aficionado or a wellness-minded yogi, these 13 stunning boutique hotels in Palm Springs will surely captivate your eye and camera angle.   Best Boutique Hotels

Villa Royale

Past the Villa Royale’s arch entrance of a painted hot pink caricature mural ‘welcoming you to paradise,’ one of the highlights that make this a cool pool party vibe is the extra-long turquoise loveseat. The chill lounge couch comfortably holds about 20 people to rendezvous with friends or make new ones, and extends the length of the pool for plenty of stylish group selfies.   

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